We believe that the automotive industries are at an historic crossroad. The automotive industry compromises a wide field including visions of a global transport network that communicates within itself. Telecommunication infrastructure and services are a vital part of this changing industry.

NTTCable is acquainted with the current needs of the industry and with the vision for tomorrow’s mobility. Key areas such as telematics (e.g. track driver performance) or vehicle-to-vehicle communications are crucial for an improved driving experience.

In order to design the car of tomorrow, vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, dealers and distributors need to be connected – by national and international networks.

Products we provide that help to design the mobile world of tomorrow are M2M, Centrex, Mobile Services and SIP Trunking.


Specialist expertise is the key to developing state-of-the-art solutions for leading organisations. Our expertise is based on a longstanding and profound experience …

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