Our Ethernet services are designed for organisations to share business-critical information between head offices, shops, warehouses and other departments. Wherever your employees are located, productivity and ease-of-use is maximised.

Locations are connected in a private network that is designed according to your business needs (“hub and spoke”, “point-to-point” or “any-to-any”) with bandwidths from 2 to up to 1,000 Mbit/s.

Further components include high resilience, low latency, Class of Service (prioritisation of critical traffic and applications) and online reporting tools.

Our Ethernet services give you the freedom to set up your network according to your requirements. Get in touch with our specialists and learn more about all options.

Ethernet is available in the following regions:
Germany Coverage
Benelux Coverage
United Kingdom Coverage
Spain Coverage
Italy Coverage
Bulgaria Coverage
Lithuania Coverage
Czech Republic Coverage
Poland Coverage


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