Thanks to evolving technologies such as cloud-computing, governments & authorities have the opportunity to offer citizen-centric online services. Public workers also now have the ability and need to work more independently and remotely than ever before.

The responsibilities towards the citizen – very often regarded as a customer – is most important: data security, responsiveness and consistency are only a couple of the key criteria that organisations need to focus on.

NTTCable provides governments & authorities with state-of-the-art core telecommunications technology for day-to-day applications. By taking part in tenders across Europe, NTTCable has been awarded numerous contracts due to its economically beneficial terms and high standard of quality offered.

Favourite products and services include ISDN 2022, MPLS, Ethernet and Mobile Services.


Specialist expertise is the key to developing state-of-the-art solutions for leading organisations. Our expertise is based on a longstanding and profound experience …

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