ISDN 2022 helps you to cut costs effectively and provides your organisation with a reliable end-to-end telephony service. NTTCable’s ISDN services include two options that provide high-volume access to the PSTN: Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI).

BRI is ideally suited for organisations with up to 8 users. This interface standard provides two lines (or B channels) with speeds of up to 64 kbps each.
PRI allows large organisations to connect up to thirty lines (up to 64 kbps each).

BRI and PRI allow you simultaneous transmission of voice and data – so you can receive a fax on the one channel and surf the internet on the other.

ISDN 2022 includes competitive call tariffs and plans, and features that help you to manage the increasing flow of information such as CLIP no screening, COLP no screening or Call Forwarding (Partial Rerouting). If you opt for ISDN 2022 you can keep your existing phone number and retain your existing equipment.

Get in touch with our experts and discover how we can optimize your network’s efficiency.

ISDN 2022 is available in the following regions:
Germany Coverage
Benelux Coverage
United Kingdom Coverage
Spain Coverage
Italy Coverage
Bulgaria Coverage
Lithuania Coverage
Czech Republic Coverage
Poland Coverage


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